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's world. so it's a triple formula that has a triple action. >now a good friend of mine swears by that popular brain ingredient of the 90's, alot of people were taking ginkgo biloba. >>mhm > how does that stack up against procera avh? >>no comparison actually in my opinion. while ginkgo has been shown to help enhance brain circulation, more recent studies were really inconclusive. and many don't feel any difference. they don't know if its working. it simply can't hold a candle to procera's patented triple-action approach to memory improvement. >well, i will definitely pass that information on to my friend. right now, i'd like to take a few moments to share with our viewers some experiences from some people who have taken procera over time from all across the country. i have a few letters here that i'd like to share and some of the comments. okay? lets see what they have to say. some of them are health care professionals as well. you know, i have seen many people dr. nemiroff, go down hill mentally after retirment and its a very sad situation. you plan your whole life to retire
, and look at it. acoustics are harder to play than the electrics because the action and the width of the neck is a different style. that's the acoustic room, but i -- i don't... >> brittany: okay. >> and that's the gibson beverly hills showroom, and i hope you learned something. >> brittany: thank you so much for all your time. it's been great. >> it's been great. thank you, guys. >> ♪ i was a woman swollen full with child ♪ ♪ i was a healer, shaman in the wild ♪ ♪ i was a prosecutor, i was put on trial ♪ ♪ i put forth the accusation, baby, i made the denial ♪ >> my name's matt morris, and this is "eternity." heh. ♪ through the ages we have lived and died ♪ ♪ kings made war and sages prophesied ♪ ♪ somewhere between the first creation and tonight ♪ ♪ was a million incarnations of me, myself and i ♪ ♪ i was the savior in another life ♪ ♪ with a white robe flowing in the morning light ♪ ♪ i walked with the angels through my darkest plight ♪ ♪ in the desert for forty days and forty nights ♪ ♪ i was the tyrant with an angry tongue ♪
of a break. >> a brief break. spotty showers today and a little bit of spritz action happening right now. nothing too heavy. we are waiting for the next storm system. along the peninsula we have spotty showers through half moon bay and a spritz sagz. all of this is light right now. we are not expecting a lot of heavy rain. clouds more than everything else. it will be cool. 64 in san jose today and 61 in santa cruz and only 62 in san francisco. this is the break before the next storm. the flood concern heightens tomorrow. we could be looking at two to four inches of rain tomorrow in addition already five to ten inches of what we have seen. the storm system moves out on monday and we could be looking at ten inches of rain. tomorrow make sure you pay attention to the flooded roadways and overpasses as well. >> new details on the homicide in an upscale community. it is the first homicide there in 40 years. a family member confirmed that her uncle was the one killed early friday morning in his 7,000 square foot mansion. police say his wife called 911. he had been beaten. the husband was found
the action is. central and northern california looking at some of the heaviest rain saturday night. still rainy into seattle. high elevation snow, a lot of wind. and that cold front will eventually make its way east across the country getting into early next week. but ahead of it look at these numbers! 80 degrees in dallas. we're likely going to set records across the southern plains and upper midwest. then on sunday still mild ahead of this cold front. once you get behind it your temperatures are going to start cooling. chicago if you're heading to magnificent mile, there may be a few showers for you on sunday. across the ohio valley the southeast still warming up into sunday where it's 68 degrees in atlanta, 51 in new york city. but dry for the second half of the weekend. monday here comes that cold front. rainshowers scattered across the upper midwest. that will make its move to the east and eventually change up this beautiful weather across the southeast. new orleans at 73 on tuesday, 70 in atlanta, 60 in louisville. chance of showers, a rumble of thunder. we haven't had a break in th
leave town today sir. [plane engine] hello eddie. how did you get here? i never explain my actions. you better explain to me i don't like no surprises. i have many more surprises in store for you if you try to run out on me again. i ain't runnin out on nothin. i was just hopping over to st louie to take care of that rat. that rat can wait parker comes first. besides being up so high makes me uncomfortable. i am much happier down below. scared huh. i abhor altitudes. [engine sputtering] hey what's that? engine trouble sir we'll have to go back to the field. what a strange coincidence. wipe that smile off your mug. i apologize must humbly. are you sure he said st louis? yes miss barbara. st louis st louis? i can't image what could take him there. and at a time like this with a thousand things to do. you should have done something albert. phoned me or stopped him or something. i tried to miss barbara but he gave me a push and out he went. that's ridiculous the judge is gentility itself he never pushed anybody. he never did any of the things he did this morning. from the first time he awake
it in action >> all right let's wrap this thing up let's do it. ♪ every time i make a run girl you turn around and cry ♪ ♪ i ask myself why oh, why ♪ see you misunderstand ♪ ♪ i can't work no 9:00 to 5:00 so isle be gone ♪ ♪ to november said i'll be gone to november ♪ ♪ gone to november ♪ tale my girl i'll be gone to november ♪ ♪ tell my baby i'll be gone to november ♪ ♪ january, february, march, april may ♪ ♪ i see you crying but i can't stay ♪ ♪ girl i be gone till november ♪ and give a kiss to my >> all this noise makes me wish i lived in a different country but alas i don't after the break, we have a tennis player who moved here and is happy for it. . >> when martina navratilova left check vox yeah, she was escaping the iron curtain, one of the first people to do so in professional sports. the devine ms. m has won 300 titles in your life, right was there ever a point in your career where you just expected the titles oh, title, this again. >> well in the '80s when i was dominated, anything but winning was failure. so i think i won so much that almost fo
it up! enough talk. let's have a little action. right-o. follow me, lads. huh? hey, look, why are we bothering with that old geezer? blimey. oh, look. he's coming apart. coo. that is not an old man. that's...edward belton. oh, but it couldn't be. you were lost at sea. kindly allow me to explain. you see, edward belton didn't drown when his ship went down. he built himself a raft and sailed to a beautiful unchartered island. and he was there. uh, please, sir. he was there 2 years before a whaler found him and brought him back to england. but then why the disguise? [cuckoo] well... uh-oh. our time is up. what's the matter with you toy blokes? i asked a simple question. i expect a simple answer. my beard. my wig. cricket crocket is onto you. now speak up. the whole story. well... i may as well tell you. i was shipwrecked, you see. i know all that-- the raft and the island and the whaler. what i don't understand is the whiskers and the wig. i came directly to her, but then i saw she'd gone blind, and i realized it was my fault. i couldn't just step back into her life after what i'd done
son back to him. you talk as if it was going to be easy. i've seen this madden gang in action and i wouldn't be surprised if we were all taken prisoners. they are tough hombres. we can be tough too, fred, when we have to be. kimosabe! me hear horses. good. now do just as i told you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ put 'em up and reach. hands off those guns. out of the saddle all of you. tonto, get their guns. i thought you were on our side. i might have known you would be in cahoots with the rustlers. he's no rustler, tom, or he wouldn't be helping me save your son. we've been trailing you for two days. now, we'll take over. got their guns, tonto? yes. keep them covered till we get back. sorry to have to do this, tom. but i figure my way is safer then yours. what can two men do alone? ride in the madden's hideout like they had an invite? maybe. come on, fred. let's go. fred, we'll take scout along for jim. good. ♪ we got long wait. better sit down. ♪ this is where we separate, fred. madden's camp is over there. you understand now what you're to do? i understand alright. but suppose something go
the plan of action. the men are meeting here, and neither you or i can do anything to change that now. ♪ ( nicky barking ) jubal, it's me! what do you want? where's melissa and the boy? they're in town with friends. what do you want? i figured you could use a handyman. i don't need a handyman. well, you got one anyway. who else you got inside there? nobody. you're fixin' to fight it out alone? i told skelly i wouldn't have it any other way. i got my reasons. and that goes for you, too. i don't need your help. you go on down with skelly. he's next on that list. you're a hard man to figure, jubal. i see you've been workin'. they'll fire the house first. no way you can stop that. you'd better write yours, too. i don't have much to leave. you're dead set on staying? that's a way of putting it. ♪ well, i expect i'd better get this set while there's still time. i'm...proud to call you my friend. you'd better get ready. hey, mount up! now, men... before we go, i want you to clearly understand why. this valley, this town is in the hands of thieves, outlaws, killers. there's only one way o
in action. my studio is set in the middle of thirty acres of vineyards. i'm on the border of napa and sonoma counties. so, my studio is in napa county. my mailbox is in sonoma county. lynn mahon's the artist in residence at latour vineyards. while his location among the vines may seem picture perfect, the art he's making here is, by his own account, anything but. there's a tendency with ceramic artists that they want to make perfect vessels. they want everything. they want things to match up. they want to be recognized for the same things. where i really like to undo things. i like to, to make them so you can't. i mean you'll recognize that it's mine because it looks so crazy. and it's so chaotic. i, i add chaos to the perfect pot. a quick peek around lynn's studio confirms it -- this guy's art is free form, not unlike nature around it. and occasionally, downright dinged up. i'll make a perfect vase and then i un-make it by messing it up. so tell me about this piece? dad's sixtieth birthday. and it's a fountain. there will be a tube of water that will shoot down into this bowl here and it'll
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)